Oa Funding Agreement Form

December 14, 2020

Check the list of eligible institutions that are included in the agreement (link opens a download hosted by MPDL Services). If you can say “yes” to these statements, your article is ready to be published for Germany as part of the open access agreement. The Dutch Read and Publish (Springer Compact) agreement, which covers the cost of processing articles (PPC) for a fixed number of items per year, has now reached its maximum item allowance for 2020. This means that the agreement will not cover CPPs for subsequent institutions until 1 January 2021. For more information, see: www.openaccess.nl/en/publisherdeal/springer-nature-2018-2021 or contact: oa.verification@springernature.com. There are many ways to fund open access publications for your articles. Check out the latest agreements for Wageningen University – Research (WUR) with publishers for different forms of open access. This agreement allowed the DEAL project to reallocate to previous subscription expenses to finance open access publications. Correspondent authors linked to German institutions can publish their Open Access research in Springer hybrid magazines, and also have access to subscription content from these magazines. From August 2020, a 20% discount will be granted on publishing fees on all content published in BMC and SpringerOpen magazines via the open access contract for Germany. Authors are not charged by Springer Nature and the 20% discount applies to fees paid centrally. The author concerned is authorized to act on behalf of all co-authors on all matters relating to the publication of the manuscript, including additional documents.

They are also responsible for obtaining such agreements and informing co-authors about the status of the manuscript throughout the submission, verification and publication processes. More than 900 German institutions have the right to participate in the agreement between Springer Nature and the DEAL project, which means that authors associated with these institutions are entitled to publish their Open Access articles without being billed by Springer Nature. The agreement includes more than 2,000 hybrid magazines in the Springer Nature portfolio (from January 2020) and more than 500 full OA magazines (from August 2020). For some publishers, there are also agreements with discounts on publishing your Open Access article in full open access magazines (“Gold` Open Access Publishing”). If you are linked to the above institutions, you still have the option to publish open access via Springer Open Choice, but publication fees are not subject to the Dutch reading and publication agreement. The list of Open Choice records is displayed here, including APCs per newspaper. If you are an author affiliated with a German university or research organization, you have the right to publish open access in our journals with fees covered by the DEAL contract. The process of identifying the authors will be somewhat different for the new agreement. For BMC members, legitimate authors are identified during submission. For the open access contract for Germany, identification is carried out at the receiving point.